1st place:  € 120,- (+Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-win IP boost)

2nd place: € 30,-   (4 win IP boost)

3th place:  1580 riot points (delivered to team-captain) (+4 win IP boost)

(prize money if 8 teams sign up)




8 teams


Europe West server


22 October 2017 - 14.00 CEST


Please provide your name, summonor name and teamname for the brackets. 


Setup time is the first ten (10) minutes of the round and the five (minimum 10) minutes between games. Teams should use this time to ensure they’re fully prepared. During this time, players need to: Log into the client using their account on the correct server.  Join or create the game lobby and, if necessary, give the game name to the TO (1) Set up runes and masteries (2) Double-check and configure their equipment. 


Team-captain contacts etournaments admin 20 minutes before the tournaments starts via chat.


Make sure your team is known with the tournament rules, they can be found here.


Brackets are online 1 day before the tournament at 'Live Brackets'


Prize money is payed within 7 days. 


Any questions concernig the tournament? Ask an admin at the Live Brackets page.


After you bought the ticket you can sign up at the official League event page for additional prizes (Triumphant Ryze + IP boost): 




League of Legends 5vs5 ticket - 22-10 14.00 CEST

€ 25,00

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